Sunday, April 20, 2008

April Snow brings May Flowers

We got two days of snow here in Bellingham and I decided to ride my mountain bike instead of out on the roads. Had a great time up on Galbraith (but the roads turned out fine and the day was warm and sunny by the end of the day). Had a sprinkle of snow at the house and clouds at the top of Galbraith before I left. The trails were mostly clear of snow, but as I got closer to the top snow covered the trails, good thing I stuck to a known route to the top. On the way back down I made my way to a few trails I've never been on - Papa Bear, Mama Bear and Baby Bear... Guess which one was just right ;-) I also found a new piece of outdoor artwork (the Red and Yellow cylinders).

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Mt Si Relay Race!

Today turned out to be a great day, expected (and packed) for the rain but it never came. I joined Daryl, Erik, Brian and Kevin on a 5 person relay race over 57 miles. We each ran two legs and I ran the first and sixth legs. A total of about 12 miles for me. we kept making up spots and were third place in the Open Male division. Not bad for a group of triathletes and cyclists (non runners). Check out the entire photo album here.