Monday, March 05, 2007

Great Weekend and Monthly Update

It was a wet and muddy weekend, but I had a very good weekend of training.

I met another triathlete on Satuday morning for my annual ride out to Everson to run in the Honeywagon fun run put on by the GBRC. No rain on the ride out or back, but the roads were wet to whole way. Lots of road grime from all the sand and dirt they put down during the few snow storms we've had this winter. We took it nice and easy on the way out and back. It was great to not be riding in the garage on my trainer.

I wanted to run fast as I was going to run the 4 mile event (last year I ran the half marathon). These events are run on very flat farmland around Everson. I started out fast and at the first mile marker checked my watch and hit 6:31. I kept on moving along and hit 13:04 at the 2 mile mark. I was hopefuly that I could keep up this blistering pace. Just past the two mile mark is the turn, 4 milers turn left and the half marathoners turn right. I was suprise how many half marathoners were running 6:30 miles turned to the right. The field thinned out and I was hopeful to be in the top ten. There was no 3 mile marker and I think that just helped me continue on strong. Being such a flat course it can be difficult to keep the speed, hills even small ones help to break up the pace and let you relax a bit. I just kept trying to maintain my pace. Coming back to the start/finish always gets my adrenalene up another notch and was able to kick around the school to a finish in 25:38 for a 6:25 average pace!

I met up with some of the 50k runners for a muddy run on Sunday morning. They are in the second week of their taper and the planned two hour run was just right for me. We met at the Vet clinic and ran up to the Lost Lake trailhead and back. Boy o Boy was the trail muddy. This is part of the 50k race and will get even muddier after 325 runners come through in a couple weeks. Great run and was great to get back to a run with some friends. The group has gotten smaller due to a lot of injuries this year. We had 10 in our 50k group for last years event and it is down to 4 50k runners this year. Hopefully we will all be back running strong in the future.

February 2007 Recap: 42 hours and 26 minutes of training. My percentages are starting to even out, but I will need to get in more and more cycling so that should continue to rise.

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