Monday, February 12, 2007

Family Weekend

I got up early (well normal time for me about 6) on Saturday and rode 2 hours on the trainer before we loaded up and went to the race. I put in my new Spinerval 26.0 Hardcore 100 DVD and did the first two hours of this 5.5 hour workout. Two hours was my plan, but Coach Troy said on the DVD many times that if you start this workout you need to finish, but I didn't have time for all 5.5 hours. I will have to build up to that. I thought the part that I did do was good and am looking forward to extending and possibly finishing the full 5.5 workout.

After finishing my 2 hours, I loaded the car and we went to a running event that the GBRC puts on this time each year called the "Two for the road" where you run with a partner and finish together. Debbie Ran with Jacob and I ran with Alex. Jacob did great finishing the 5k in about 50 minutes, the course runs through Whatcom Falls park and has a nice long downhill, but you have to come back up. Alex did great too, issuing many "Good Job" and thumbs up to lots of other runners from his seat in the stroller. The course is two out and backs so he got to see lots of people and lots of smiles. We were the first Parent/Stroller pair and Alex went up during the awards to get his blue ribbon and a box of candy, he was very surprised and happy to share the candy with the whole family.

After the race we drove to Edgewood to visit and let the kids play with their cousins.

Sunday morning I went for a run, I went from Edgewood down the hill into Puyallup and followed East Main into Sumner and then back up the hill into Edgewood and made my way almost to Milton and back to Debbies parents house. Nice tour of cities. I was hoping for almost 2 hours and took about 1:37. My GPS had troubles so guesstimate about 11.5 miles. I was particularly happy about running with no stops or walks up the hill from "The Cannery" in Sumner to Edgewood.

After showering and an awesome breakfast, we started North to Seattle to visit and exchange birthday gifts at my parents house with my extended family. We were celebrating birthdays ranging from December through March and included Alex, my Grandma, my Dad and my brother Marc. My Mom made a lunch that I remembered from growing up, country style spare ribs, VERY good.

The Durango made it home just about dusk and Debbie and I relaxed while Jacob helped Alex play with his gifts.

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