Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Caught the Bug

Well I had to sit out a couple days this past week because I caught the bug thats going around. Not too bad, stayed home from work one day and in the other, but skipped out on all training for those two days. I think this worked out well.

As part of my training plan I schedule recovery days. These recovery days may not mean total rest and relaxation, but a lighter workout and not as long. It is when you rest and recover when your body can regenerate and actually realize some of the hard work your putting in.

I did get in my key workouts for the week, my long bike and my long run. I got about 2:15 on a nice bike ride with Kevin. We went to Lynden and back at a relatively easy pace. No rain until the final 10-12 miles or so. As I'm out of the 50k, I ran alone and from the house up Galbraith and then down to Haggens and home, just over 2:00, perfect, no pain in my injured area.

January 2007 Recap: 51 hours and 24 minutes of training. As you can see only 18% of my time was on the bike. I need to get more bicycling in. It will come.

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