Saturday, February 24, 2007

Going Strong

Still going strong. After last weeks recovery/test week I was able to get in two workouts each day this week except for Thursday and Friday.

My tests last week went great. My swim test on Friday was 3x300 with 30 seconds rest in between. I was able to average 5:27 per 300 (1:49 per 100), which is very fast for me. My bike test was a 5 mile square just north of Bellingham, the sun came out so I was able to do the test outside and on my test route. I completed the 5 mile rectangle in just over 15 minutes about 20 mph. Not too screaming fast but I felt good about the ride this early in the season. I did my run test on Sunday on a track. After warming up I ran 2.77 miles (10 laps in lane 6) in 17:57 or 6:30 per mile. Again this was fast and felt great.

This was a tough week though, Alex got sick last weekend and after a few days of not really eating or drinking was very dehydrated, Debbie took him to his doctors office on Wednesday (21st) this week and he was down 5 pounds (that's over 15% of his body weight - imagine you or I loosing 15%) since his 4 year checkup a few weeks earlier. They had us take him to the hospital. We was put on an IV on Wednesday and spent the night at the hospital with Debbie. Hopeful to come home on Thursday, he still wasn't eating enough so I spent the night with him on Thursday night. He came home Friday and is almost back to his normal kid self.

I did my first 'brick' workout of the year today. A BRICK is a Bike ride followed by a Run, people have come up with the BR -ICK label cause they are tough. I've always been able to quickly get into my running legs after my bike rides and today's first BRICK was the same, I did the bike on the trainer in the garage and had a fairly quick 4 minute transition into dry running clothes and shoes and felt like my normal running legs within a quarter mile or less. For some, this change from biking legs to running legs can take a lot longer, but it is important to get this down because in a triathlon you need to be ready.

Nice and easy 2 hour hilly trail run planned for tomorrow!

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