Monday, June 04, 2007

Time to TAPER!

I did my last long ride yesterday in the sun, what a great day!

I rode with Kevin out to meet Pat and we did a nice loop back into Bellingham and south to ride around Lake Samish before heading up and over Yew street back past Lake Whatcom, dropping Kevin off and refilling water, I continued with Pat to drop him off near his place and then I repeated the first loop.

I wanted to ride a two loop ride and it worked out great as Kevin was looking to get in about 3 hours and Pat 3-4 hours and I was hoping for 6. I think we all got real close to our goals for the ride.

I finished my last long ride at 5:50 and 94 miles followed by a short 30 minute run. It was sunny and hot. I expect some heat for the IRONMAN so this is good. I took my electrolyte tablets and had no issues on the bike or (more importantly) the run. The last hour and half of the bike I was ready to be done biking.

Now I taper, over the next 3 weeks I will reduce the lengths of my training sessions, but not the intensity, if anything I might pickup the intensity a bit.

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