Sunday, January 13, 2008


Man what a beautiful day, after a trail run this morning with the group of trail runners I came home and we went for a short hike to look for the bald eagles as they migrate through and eat salmon up on the Nooksack river.

We went to a little park and walked along the river for a bit but only saw some birds soaring around way up high. We saw our neighbors leaving as we arrived and they told us about a great spot not too far away that they were headed to. After our short walk we drove over there and got to look through their monocular. WOW o WOW!

It looked as if you could reach out and touch the birds that were maybe 30 yards across the river on a tree, we then looked at a bird about 3/4 a mile away and it was as if it was right there, very nice setup.

Great summer day in the middle of winter... well if this day was in summer I'd say the opposite, but for today in the middle of cold season, hitting upper 40's and sunny felt like a great summer day.

My little point and click digital camera does not do these birds justice.

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