Monday, January 08, 2007


Wow did I get wet this weekend. It's been windy and rainy for the past week or more and figured we'd get wet on our Sunday run.

On the way out at after 5 minutes of running was a very large puddle which I climbed through the bushes and over a rock to avoid, I shouldn't of bothered.

We did the Samish loop backwards and to add some time and (not) fun we added the "So Easy" trail. The "So Easy" trail is not so easy, its a hike (no running here) up a stream, normally this is not too bad and you can avoid the water, but not today. At the top it flattens out a bit through a quarter mile mud hole. By this time we are just so wet that you don't even bother trying to run around the edges, just right through and hope your shoes are tight enough to not disappear in the mud.

Coming down the Lost Lake trail (we run up it in the 50k) was like running down a river, this section is muddy in the middle of the summer and was a constant stream today. The spots that are muddy in the summer were small pools, and again no need to skirt around the edges.

Once out of the swampy area I thought it'd be nice and easy to get back to the car, but coming down the section through Arroyo park, I hit a nice patch of mud and slipped and fell, nice soft landing, but stretched out my quad unexpectedly. Walked a bit and then ran most the way back to the cars. No lingering quad pain later in day and next day leads me to think I'm fine.

Sometimes we stand around and talk a bit after the runs, but today everyone was cold and soaked to the bones, so we got in cars and headed home pretty quickly.

Looking forward to running more of the course and we are running the middle 30k (first and last 10 k are flat out and back). I've heard the ridge trail has lots of downed trees, but have not been up there in a while...

Things are picking up for my IRONMAN training as well, I got in the pool three times last week, but the third was cut short at about 15 minutes because the power went out at the pool. Getting dressed in the locker room was not too bad until the emergency lighting went out too.

I only got on the bike once last week, but it was outdoors. I need to ride more.

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