Monday, January 29, 2007

Easy Run, My @SS!

Well this was supposed to be an 'easy' week, with less time and lower intensity prior to a final 3 week build before we taper for the Chuckanut 50K trail run.

Well it was not easy (for me at least) and my injury is still ever present. So much so that it has me re-thinking about actually running the 50k.

We started with the flat Interurban Trail out to run a few of the lower hills of the 50k course. Even on the first section, Fragrance Lake Trail, I had to walk quite a bit. I was able to run most of the $2 trail as it is generally downhill. The next section UP Cleator road was another walk. This was as high as we planned to run so we went down the trail and road back to the Interurban Trail, I was able to run this downhill section and once on the Interurban was able to run most all the way back to the cars, but it hurt.

As the Chuckanut is not my "A" race for this year, I am not going to run the 50k this year. I will be there to cheer and support for my friends.

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