Monday, March 19, 2007

Core 4 got er dun!

These four amazing athletes (and more importantly, good friends) finished the Chuckanut 50k this weekend. John, Scott, Mike and John ran in the rain ALL DAY. The rain started about 6:30 am and did not stop until the evening. I went and watched the start and got a ride up to aid station 3 and 4 (Ridge Trail area) that I was volunteering at for the day. After sending the runners out into the light showers and a quick cup of joe, made our way up to the top of Chuckanut Mountain. We setup the aid station and made PB&J wraps, cut fruit and candy bars into bite sized portions. The first runner came through about 9:45 or so, still raining.

As the runners came up the hill many seemed glad to see us and many just happy for a little break before heading out for one of the toughest sections of the run. This upper loop follows the ridge trail, generally down hill for about 2-3 miles and then turns onto the Lost Lake Trail. This Lost Lake trail can be muddy in the middle of the summer. After days (weeks) of rain and raining all day, I heard it was mud bog after mud bog and I can only imagine how much water and mud they had to run (or walk) through. After suffering through this mudfest, they come around the south side of the mountain, only to have to go up a trail called Chinscraper, due to the grade your chin can scrape the dirt off the trail. I imagine this section, after 250+ runners was very muddy making it extra tough and slippery.

Once finished with Chinscraper they come back to the aid station I was at. Some runners just run past, while others take their time and get another rest before finishing the event. I was surprised to see some runners with pretty clean legs, some were definitely covered in mud, but some found a clean way around or through the mud bogs.

I'm truly inspired by these guys and think very highly of them.


I did get a run in on Saturday, after my duties at the aid station were done, I ran down the ridge trail and the lower Lost Lake trail connecting to the Interurban at Arroyo Park to run back to the finish area at Fairhaven Park. I felt a bit bad getting 'good jobs' and 'well dones' from others on the interurban trail. One person photographing the runners asked me if I was in the race and I said no, she said she didn't think so because I was running to fast. This is at the 30 mile mark for the runners and I had only come down the hill.

I took the day off (from training) on Sunday, Debbie got in a good run and we later went on a family bike ride. We borrowed a trail-a-bike for Alex to ride. His feet just touched the pedals, so couldn't pedal, but could hold on and he LOVED it. We rode around Boulevard Park and think we will get a trail-a-bike for him to grow into.

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