Sunday, March 25, 2007

Now it gets fun!

My rides are starting to get longer and longer now and its great! But first I got in a nice long run on Saturday.

I've moved my long rides to Sunday so I can go to Jacobs soccer games, they were due to start this weekend, but they canceled the game due to all the rain. I did get in a nice 2 hour run on Saturday because the game was canceled. I drove over to run up Galbraith Mountain. I ran up to the top past the towers to run down my favorite trail, the Wonderland Trail. I always enjoy the view from the top of the Wonderland trail, looking East you can see all of Lake Whatcom including Mt Baker in the distance, the entire city of Bellingham to the North, even cities further north, to the West brings in views of the San Juan Islands and your high enough to see over some islands and see that they are truly islands. On this run I couldn't see 50 feet due to the clouds, so much for my view.

There is now art up on top of Galbraith. Kinda weird just running along and seeing this art out in the middle of the forest (the Pink art) or in the middle of a clear cut (the Blue art).

I woke up early Sunday to check the rain and my email to see if a friend and I were going to meet for our bike ride. No rain and no email, so I got all my gear on and headed out at 7 for our 7:30 meeting. Pat left at 7:00 too and as it turns out we were about spot on where we planned to meet in the middle. From there we headed east towards Mt Baker, but turned North at Nugents Corner to head into Everson and onto Lynden. All this under clear skies and not too much wind. I hadn't ridden on these roads, but there was very little traffic and beautiful countryside and scenery, not to mention great conversation. It is very nice to ride with a friend.

Coming around back to where we started, Pat headed on home as did I. I had planned a short transition run, but coming up the last hill on the way home I had decided to not run. I had just put my bike in the garage and on my way into the house when Jacob came out and was all excited as he, Alex and Debbie were headed out for a run (Jacobs rides his bike while Debbie pushes Alex in the stroller) so I went in and got on my running shoes to join them. We ran around Whatcom Falls park. Wow o Wow was there a lot of water coming over the falls, more than I've ever scene. It turned out to be such a nice day we skipped a play we were going to go see and the whole family worked around the yard. We did get a little rain after done in the yard and now it looks blue and sunny again. What a great day!

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