Monday, March 12, 2007

The Final Four

Stop filling out your March Madness brackets. I know the Final Four... personally! I ran with them on Sunday morning. John, Mike, Scott and John are the survivors and will be running the Chuckanut 50k next week while the larger portion of our Sunday trail running group are recovering and possibly watching and supporting them on this great run.

We met at Lake Padden in the middle of a wind and rain storm, but once underway and in the trees it was not raining and I didn't even hear much wind. I say it was not raining, but it was not dry, my feet were soaked through within minutes and my shoes and legs were covered in mud minutes after that, but it was fun to be running again with these guys. We ran for less than an hour total. After we met at Starbucks and I thoroughly enjoyed the good stories.

I'll be volunteering at the 50k this year. I volunteered in 2005 at aid station 3/4 and will do the same this year. This aid station is at the top of the mountain, I get to see (and help) the runners not once, but twice, both times after they have climbed Chuckanut Mountain. They go for a 7.5 mile loop after I see them the first time, during that loop they will go around the mountain dropping elevation, coming back up the back side and dropping more elevation only to have to climb back up to the top.

This week is a recovery week for me, so only about 8 hours of exercise planned and lots of rest, I need it. On my plan, I switch from two weight workouts a week to one and really start to ride the bike more and more. While loosing a weight workout I will gain 1-2 bike workouts and 1-2 running workouts each week. Swimming will remain mostly constant at 3 workouts, but I will incorporate a 'longer' swim each week so my time in the pool should be up as well. My biggest weeks have been constant at about 12-13 hours for the week. I will hitting at least an 18 hour week and most of that time is bicycling. I'm looking forward to it!

Good luck and have fun to all the 50k runners this lucky Saturday! I will see you there. I'll be the one in green ;-)

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