Saturday, April 28, 2007

Trail runners

I met a few of the trail runners I used to run Sunday's with for a photo shoot. One of our group is a writer (check out his blog and books here) and has an article going into the Seattle Sunday paper soon and needed some photos. It sure was great to see and talk to everyone again. I really miss Johns one liners and Mike edging him on and pretty soon everyone gets into it, what fun.

Friday I took half a day off from work to get in a brick workout as Saturday was Alex's first T-Ball game, Debbies guitar lesson and Jacobs soccer game. I spent Friday afternoon getting wet. I rode my bike to the pool in the rain and I swam 4000 yards in about 1:20 and since it was still raining pretty good my 1 hour bike was very wet too. The rain kept coming down on my run too. There gets to a point where you are so wet you don't even notice the rain too much anymore. Great workout:
Swim 1:20 4000 yards
Bike 1:04 16 miles
Run 0:45 5.6 miles

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