Tuesday, May 01, 2007

April Update

April showers came and went, but I think I left a mark too, or at least my bike seat did. I'm getting out on the bike more and more. Last Sunday I had a 5 hour 15 minute ride and I must say I'm pretty sick of gels. I'm going to find some 'solid' food to have on the bike and try to leave the gels for the run. When I did the Seattle Marathon and the Chukcanut 50K I remember not wanting anymore gels.

I read an article last week in Triathlete magazine about starting the bike in a caloric deficit (due to the 2.4 mile swim) and then the 6 plus hour bike ride will burn about 5000-6000 calories and then the marathon will burn another 3500-4500. So I need to eat on the bike and the run or else I won't be able to finish. The human body can absorb or process about 350-400 calories an hour (some more, some less) so that is what I am planning to eat per hour on the bike and run. These training sessions are not just for fun, but I am also dialing in my nutrition as that is a very important part of a successful IRONMAN.

My April totals:


17.19 miles

467.92 miles

96.75 miles

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