Saturday, May 12, 2007

IMCDA Camp Day 0 - Arrival

I left Bellingham about 9:15 this morning and was such a nerd that I decided to time myself and hit the stop watch, I needed some gas and as it turns out I had enough to get to Bothell and even better the gas station I stopped at was in the same parking lot as the Brooks Outlet store, so I stopped and got some running shorts and a nice lightweight waterproof jacket, very nice.

Back on the road and going up and over Snoqualamie pass was nice and there was a bit of snow in places, none on the road or even on the side of the road, perfect place up on the hills. I had thought about stopping but was making good time and continued right over the top. I was getting hungry though and stopped at the next rest stop (Indian John Hill MP 89) used the facilities and made myself a sandwich and was back on the road.

I was trying to keep up on my hydration and needed to stop soon thereafter, I skipped the next rest stop and made it to the rest stop (Schrag MP 198) with this great view of vast acres of farmland, very nice.

I made it into Spokane to visit Aunt Pam and Uncle Pat about 3:00, but this was the same time that Aunt Pam has a Faith and Light service and potluck so Uncle Pat met me at the church so I could at least say hello to Aunt Pam and then Uncle Pat and I visited and walked around the Gonzaga campus.

I was back on the road about 4:30 as I wanted to get checked in and find out where I was going to get LT tested. Got checked in and still didn't see where Ben had set himself up. I finally found him in a conference room and got my bike a gear down there.

After he poked my finger for some blood and a base LT level, I was up and running, well spinning, the compu-trainer (bicycle trainer that hooks up to a computer and is controlled by the computer) was set at a pretty easy 100 watt level for a warm up, every 4 minutes he upped the wattage and took another poke for some blood, not too bad, but it did get harder and harder and once over the LT threshold, he kept going as I also had a breathing apparatus on to test my VO2 Max level. It got pretty tough, but that's the idea to see how high your body can work.

My LT was (is) a little low (131 HR), but can be trained to up it and now that I know the number I can target my training a bit better to increase the LT. My VO2 max (169) could go up just a bit too, but the coach said it would be better to train to increase the LT.

After a quick shower we all met for some dinner and then a brief meeting to let us know to meet at 7:00 am in the lobby to go swim! We will also get a 2 hour bike and 8-10 mile repeats.

More tomorrow...

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