Sunday, May 13, 2007

IMCDA Training Camp Day 1 - Swim Bike Run

Got up early to meet in the lobby to carpool to the pool. The pool was in a sports club and had lots of chlorine, but was still water, we split into 4 lanes and then 5. We did a nice little ladder set with some all out 25's in between. Took about an hour and was a good workout. We cut it a little short (not the expected hour and half) to get back to the hotel before the breakfast was over. Got back in time and had the free breakfast (Eggs, Hash browns, Sausage and muffin) very nice for the price.

Just enough time to settle down and change into bike gear and we met in the lobby at 10 for a 2 to 3 hour ride with some hill repeats. We were following part of the old IMCDA bike course with some nice diversions to get in some extra hills. We just set on out and the hills decided the order of the day, some faster riders went right up while others took their time. I was in the middle and got this nice shot on the first up/down at the top before heading down.

We continued west towards Washington State and we made it from one state to the next (I think its neat at least) and did a little lollipop and headed back the way we came, the old IMCDA course would come back along the Centennial Trail, but we went right back up the hills including the 500 foot 1.3 mile climb. This time the field was much more spread out.

Still heading back towards the hotel we went right past it and all the way up and down into Coeur d'Alene turning around on highway 95 overlooking the CDA resort (pictured).

Back up and on the way back to the hotel seemed quicker, but another camper and I were the final riders who did both hill repeats and all the way into CDA along the hilly route. Some took the centennial trail and went around the hills.

Finally back at the hotel with these totals: 42.07 miles 2:50 and about 2227 feet of climbing.

A little downtime and then we will meet at 2:30 to carpool to Coeur d'Alene for 8 to 10 1 mile running repeats.

After driving out to Coeur d'Alene we followed Coach Cal through town along the run course as it winded its way through some pretty nice neighborhoods. Didn't look too bad, I drove with my roommate and he has done IMCDA in the past and was giving some pretty good tips and such, we got out of town to the turn around point to do some mile repeats, we started at the turn around which is about half way up a hill. The idea was to run 1 mile at your stand alone half marathon pace and then rest 2 minutes. We ran down to the bottom and along the trail to the 1 mile mark and it was nice to run kinda fast down hill, waited around and then was off back up to the turn around, it was tougher, but nothing like any of the trail runs I run on. rest and repeat or is it rinse and repeat. Grabbed some gel and water at the top where Cal had setup and aid station.

I did 4 loops for about 8 miles, very nice. As we drove back through Coeur d'Alene and on the freeway we got caught in a rainstorm, but were in the car so not bad at all, no rain during any of our training.

Off to dinner and evening presentation and some sleep.

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